15 Tailgate Essentials You Need for This Football Season and Beyond

Whether you tailgate because you’re a die-hard fan of your home team or you are just there for the snacks and camaraderie, one thing is certain: Tailgating is a sport in and of itself—at least it is where I’m from.

Packing up tailgate essentials the night before so you can hit the road early in the morning and snag the best spot in the lot is just the beginning. There is just as much preparation that goes into the tailgate as there is for the big game itself, so we have rounded up 15 essentials you need to have packed and ready to go to make your tailgates the most fun and functional this football season.



Can Insulator

The weather will be cold, but your drink will be colder if you’re using a YETI Can Insulator. These come in three sizes, so no matter your can of choice, you never have to worry about going without one. The double-vacuum insulation and no-sweat design will keep your hand dry, and the stainless steel material can withstand even the wildest tailgates. Pro tip? Make sure to get a different color than your friends so everyone knows whose drink is whose.

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Soft Cooler Backpack

Nothing says “tailgate season” quite like an ice cold beer and, our favorite—snacks to get us through long days of cheering on our favorite teams. This cooler is more lightweight and portable than a traditional cooler if you’re not up to lugging around food and beverage for a larger group and the backpack straps make it perfectly portable from the parking lot to the stadium and beyond.

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Roadie® 48 Wheeled Cooler

Show up to the tailgate with this heavy-duty yet compact cooler on wheels, and everyone will know you’re not messing around this season. The Roadie® 48 cooler is made with impact- and puncture-resistant wheels, comfortable handles, pressure-injected polyurethane locks (for keeping food and drink cold OR hot), and more for easy transporting and trustworthy quality week after week.

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Foldable Chair

Is it just me, or are foldable chairs one of those things that get forgotten constantly? I always remember that I need one, but I never remember to grab one. This year, I am keeping them in the car so they are always ready when I need them. This one has two mesh cup holders, a carry strap, and an organizer with a zip pocket, mesh pocket, and cell phone holder.

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Let your friends know you’re on cooking duty (or that you’ll at least bring the grill). This lightweight, foldable, and portable grill and smoker can be easily packed into your car and assembled on the spot. All you’ll need is the charcoal and whatever is on the menu.

2 sizes available

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Folding Table

Set up your tabletop grill, line up your apps, or play (drinking) games on this sturdy yet lightweight and compact aluminum table. It is easy to clean, has a carrying handle, and folds us for easy storage, so set up and teardown will be quick every time.

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Portable Speaker

Play your team’s touchdown song over and over while you’re tailgating to get ready for the game. This speaker by Kove is great for large groups of people because you can split the speaker in half and put each on different sides of your tailgating spot.

5 colors available

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Appropriately named “Level up,” these sunglasses will help you level up your game-day look. We love any of the sunglasses by Quay, but these bold, block-style frames with their tortoiseshell design can’t be beaten.

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Tinted Sunscreen

We don’t care if you’re going to a sunny, early-season game or a game in the middle of winter, don’t forget your SPF! We love this one by Elta MD because it has SPF 46 and is tinted. Wear it alone for a subtle look or under your makeup for game-day glam.

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Clear Crossbody

If you plan on going into the game (no shame if you’re just there to tailgate and leave), you’re going to need a clear bag. In the past, these were never very cute, but since stadium regulations have changed and now require them, there are actually some great options. We love the chain detail and magnetic closure on this one.

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Chelsea Boots

Football means fall, and fall means rain. There is no way around it. Make sure you grab a pair of waterproof boots that are functional and sturdy and that will go with any of your game-day outfits.

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Canopy Tent

Wind, rain, snow, sleet, or shine, tailgating never gets canceled, so you better have a durable tent handy. We recommended investing in one that is durable because you don’t want to be the crew that is constantly picking their tent up and reassembling it on a windy day. This one comes with a top cover, side wall, carry bag, and sandbags.

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Hand Sanitizer

Between not being near anything but a porta potty while you’re tailgating and being outside for most of the day, you’re going to want to have your own hand sanitizer on deck. Touchland hand sanitizers are moisturizing (which will be life-saving for colder game days) and compact (so they fit in the tiniest of stadium bags).

10 scents available (including unscented)

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Polaroid Camera

Football aside, the best thing about this time of year (besides the appetizers) is the weekly get-togethers with our favorite people. Make sure to snap lots of photos this season with your friends and family with a polaroid camera!

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Dick’s Sporting Goods


If you’re not playing games before the game, what are you even doing? This portable pong game has a sturdy tripod base, adjustable cupholders, and packs into a backpack for easy transport and storage.

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