Bring the Power With You Wherever You Go With These Portable Generators

Best Portable Generators

Bring the Power With You Wherever You Go With These Portable Generators

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Maybe you live somewhere remote and have to contend with regular power outages, or maybe you like the peace of mind that comes with having a backup power supply on hand, or maybe you just spend a lot of time hiking and camping and want to be able to take a power source with you – whatever your needs, there’s a portable generator to help you out.

Portable generators vary in size, function, and fuel source, with the smallest, handheld models storing electricity generated from sunlight to power your laptop or smartphone. In contrast, larger models can weigh a few hundred pounds and operate off propane or gasoline to power your essential home appliances for hours. Either way, they can be the difference between getting lost in the woods, finding your way home, struggling through a lengthy power outage with rotting food, or enjoying a functioning refrigerator and stove even when electrical lines are down.

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To help you find the perfect model for your needs, we’ve put together some key factors to consider when buying a portable generator. Here are the essential variables to keep in mind when shopping for a portable generator:

  • Power Output: The first consideration needs to be power output: how much wattage your generator needs to adequately power all the devices you require. If you’re camping, you’re probably only taking a smartphone and maybe a flashlight or smart device. Still, if you want something capable of powering your refrigerator for hours or even days, you need to shop for higher wattages.
  • Fuel Source: The most powerful generators, and those capable of running for the most extended periods of time, all operate off of either propane or gas, while the most compact store electricity from solar panels or act as portable batteries chargeable through your home’s AC outlets.
  • Portability: Portable power generators can weigh as little as five pounds, whereas the behemoths that can power your home’s essential appliances can weigh a few hundred pounds – though even these models typically come with powerful, extra-large wheels to help you position them when needed.
  • Ports: If you’re charging small tech devices, USB and lightning ports are essential, while electrical outlets help with charging larger appliances directly.

BALDR Portable Generator


The BALDR Portable Generator offers three charging methods with battery protection against overcharging and overheating. This small generator features a wireless charging pad on top of the unit, three USB 3.0 ports, and one USB Type-C port, so your most important outlets are covered. The handle design is sturdy and includes LED lighting to help you see your ports, plus it folds flush with the power bank when not in use. Finally, the power output is solid: this device produces enough power to run a CPAP machine overnight.

$399.99 at

NEXPOW Portable Generator


This extremely portable power station from NEXPOW offers a robust set of features and four charging methods.The small generator has a sleek, stylish look for home or travel use. It includes a lamp function for use during power outages. It’s incredibly light and portable, weighing only three pounds, and has advanced safety operations that provide peace of mind outdoors or in bad weather conditions. Its one drawback is the single power switch that turns on the USB port and 12V plug, even if you only need one.

$159.99 at

AIMTOM Portable Power Station


If you’d rather store your power than generate it so you can cover your basic needs during a blackout or on an overnight camping trip, this ultra-portable power station from AIMTOM is a great choice. It features 150 watts of maximum power, weighs under five pounds, and delivers a wide variety of ports, including three 12V DC outputs, three USB ports, and a 110V AC outlet. In real-world terms, it can supply power to a phone, tablet, small cooler, television, or CPAP machine. It even features a built-in flashlight, so you can bring it camping and use it in total darkness.

$129 at

DuroMax Portable Generator


If you don’t want to be limited to a single fuel source, opt for this portable generator from DuroMax, which accepts both propane and gasoline. It weighs 234 pounds but is capable of generating 13,000 starting watts, which is more than enough to power most appliances, power tools, and small electronics for hours on end while still meeting not only the EPA’s stringent emissions standards but the even more stringent standards of the California Air Resources Board. A wide array of outlets and ports make attaching devices easy, while a handy low oil sensor alerts you when your fuel tank needs replacing.

$1,199 at

Jackery Portable Power Station


Alright, so for this to technically work as a generator, you do need to own or purchase solar panels, but if you’re looking for a compact option to keep your essential devices going in a pinch, this Jackery Portable Power Station is a lifesaver. Weighing just over 7.1 pounds, with a built-in carry handle and a massive variety of front-facing ports and outlets, this compact power station charges via solar panel (sold separately) or AC outlet, achieving 80% of its maximum charge in just two hours of wall charging. This is a great pickup if you’re on the go often, love to camp or hike, or want a compact, portable option for emergencies.

$299.99 at

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