Why Are We So Obsessed With Finding Our Online Aesthetic? 

I recently embarked on a quixotic online quest: to finally figure out my aesthetic.

I went to the source, TikTok, which has many ways to help, including suggesting I search the phrase “What Aesthetic Are You?” In doing so I found many videos, all of which were algorithmically tailored to answer a question such as mine. Some provided me with a slideshow, set to music, of all the different options (do black and glitter catch my eye? Star girl. Or pink and bright colors? Preppy). Others provided me with other means to suss out what I am. “Ask your friend what style you give off,” suggested one. Another even had a magazine style quiz. (There are five rounds, the video instructs. Keep track of the letters you choose; at the end, see which you have the most of.)


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