Wedding Couples Should Give Singles a List of Every Other Single Guest

You’re planning your wedding. Everything is going to be perfect. The color palette is a subtle nod to the sheets you slept on the first night that you cried in front of each other. At midnight you will serve your guests a snack that evokes your grandparents’ love story. You have identified a tasteful role in the ceremony for your dog.

Please! I’m begging you. Spare a thought for your single friends. Make a secret list of people who are going to be single at your wedding and send it to your friends. Do it just like you send out a list of hotels to book, wedding events to attend, and gifts you would like to receive. Let me stop hitting on this happily married man in front of your grandma. No one should have to eat canapés feet away from this interaction. It’s not right. It’s not decent. 


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