The Women Giving Corporate America a Second Chance

It’s not surprising that “Break My Soul” is topping the charts. In addition to the Beyoncé of it all, the lyrics about quitting a job in order to build a new foundation accurately reflect what so many of us have been dreaming about since the start of the pandemic. And what over a million of us have actually done: According to the National Women’s Law Center, 1.1 million women decided to leave the workforce between February 2020 and January 2022, as part of a phenomenon that’s been labeled the Great Resignation.

While some women put in their two weeks with no plan in place, others did it to fulfill the goal of becoming their own boss and not answering to anyone but themselves. But for all the noise it made—and how good it probably felt at the time—saying “see ya!” to your 9-to-5 left some women adrift and eager to return to corporate America. But they do so with a new perspective and an overhauled set of needs, including more flexibility and opportunities to grow their skill sets. These women have taken what they learned about themselves as entrepreneurs to guide their next roles and found workplaces that can better adapt to meet them where they are. 


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