Compulsive Gambling Left Her $75,000 in Debt–Here’s How She Got Out

After struggling with compulsive gambling for more than a decade, Christina Cook found herself roughly $75,000 in debt. (She’s not sure how much she lost in total, but estimates it was in the range of a quarter of a million dollars.) “Gambling had taken over my life,” she tells Glamour. “I was behind on everything, and my life had become a hamster wheel of chaos.” 

In her late 20s, following the devastating end of a failed relationship, Cook was lonely and found herself spending occasional Friday nights at a casino. Then it became an “every weekend thing.” For about six or seven years, she says, she was able to manage her gambling—but the damage of creating an unhealthy behavior was done. Rather than dealing with the challenges that life threw her way—in her relationships, and beyond—she’d escape to the casino. Fifteen years in, she had lost all control. 


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