The First Things You Should Do When You Move Into a New Home

There’s no sugar-coating it: Moving is stressful. As if packing your entire life into boxes wasn’t exhausting enough, you also have to deal with the overwhelm of unpacking and setting everything up in an unfamiliar place. Plus, once you get all your furniture and belongings there in one piece, there’s also the not insignificant task of making that new place feel like home. You don’t necessarily need to have every room fully outfitted and decorated right away, but a few small touches can go a long way in making you feel at home when you first move into a new space. 

Whether you’re scrambling in preparation for a housewarming party or you just want to make your new house feel homey as soon as possible, here’s what to do when you move into a new home to help you feel settled (even if you’re not quite finished unpacking yet). 


1. Hang some wall decor

This is my #1 tip when you move into a new home: Put something on the walls. Whether it’s a framed family photo, a mirror, or some artwork you brought from your old place, don’t wait to hang up wall decor. Even if it won’t necessarily stay there permanently, it’ll give you something else to look at besides blank walls, which can feel highly impersonal and barren.


Source: Studio McGee


2. Put up new curtains

Your new place may already come equipped with basic blinds or window shades, but curtains are a must to make a room truly feel finished. This is also a great way to infuse your own style into a room that might not be fully decorated or furnished yet. Hanging curtains is an easy project that takes a little forethought but not much time to pull off. Just be sure to measure carefully so you purchase the right curtain length and hang them accordingly. 


3. Bring in houseplants

Houseplants are some of the best accessories out there. They add color, shape, texture, and life to a room, which is key when you’re just getting settled into a new home. And don’t worry if you don’t have the best track record with keeping plants alive. Faux options work just as well and don’t require extra care when you’ve already got a lot of tasks on your plate.


4. Fill the space with cozy scents

Scent is a powerful tool for evoking feelings and memories, so it’s a great hack to make a new space feel like home. Pick a scent that feels familiar and comforting, and incorporate that fragrance throughout your new home using candles, diffusers, or wall plug-ins. As time goes on, you’ll start to associate that fragrance and all the cozy feelings it brings up with your new home. 


Source: @ispydiy


5. Accessorize surfaces with personal items

Arrange a stack of your favorite books on the coffee table, set out a tray of your go-to jewelry on your dresser, fill a vase with flowers on the kitchen counter, or display your favorite hats on hooks by the front door. Some might consider this clutter, but I like to think of these items as “signs of life.” They’re the small things that tell the story of you and make your home feel lived-in and personal. Especially if you don’t feel quite settled into your new place yet, this is one of the easiest ways to infuse a bit of your personality into the space.


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