Did Emily Ratajkowski Just Pay Homage to the Met Gala Roach?

Though Emily Ratajkowski frequently headlines for her romantic relationships (NSFW V-day selfies included), the model is also known for her unique style. In the past, she’s been recognized as the Salomon XT-6 queen and nailer of cow print ‘fits. Now, she’s out here rocking bug nails.

Ratajkowski recently shared behind-the-scenes photos from a feature on Instagram (photo dump style, of course). In the dump, she provided some up-close looks at her roach nails from the shoot. Yes, you read that right.

Plopped on one of Ratajkowski’s crisp white nails was detailed artwork inspired by the pesky insect — all the work of nail artist Alex Smith who didn’t hold back getting into the nitty-gritty details (the hairy legs, the antennas…*shutters*).

Ironically, Ratajkowski’s nail moment comes just days after the viral Met Gala mystery guest, the roach, crashed the red carpet and upstaged the attendees (it was but one of the wildest moments of the night).

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but think: Did Ratajkowski just pay homage to the late Met Gala crasher?

Let’s see. Ratajkowski’s nails were probably prepped and created days before the photoshoot and, thus, the Met Gala. But given the timing — the spread went live four days after the roach’s debut and death — it’s certainly not foolish to wonder if this is the model’s way of paying her respects. After all, she was there (in a Tory Burch gown, might I add).

So, ode, insane glam, or both? The mystery remains, but we’d like to think the latter is possible. Still, roach nails alone are pretty wild.

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