17 Trader Joe’s Breakfast Items That Will Make Sure You Never Skip Breakfast Again

There are two types of mornings: the ones that are carefully orchestrated and run super smoothly, and then there’s chaos. While I’d like to think my mornings are more like the former, they’re typically the opposite. And oftentimes, a chaotic morning means I’m so busy getting my husband and kid fed, dressed, and ready to go that I run out of time for myself and totally skip breakfast. After doing some reading about why breakfast is so important (think hormones, mood, metabolism, energy levels, and more), I decided it was time to reclaim my mornings with a visit to my local Trader Joe’s.

I scoured the aisles for breakfast items I can keep stocked that are low-effort, high in taste, and can meet diverse nutritional needs (with some delicious treats sprinkled in, too.) Here are some of my favorite Trader Joe’s breakfast items that make my mornings easier and more delicious.


1. Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Source: Erin Nicole

Savory, cheesy, and hearty, these refrigerated chicken sausage breakfast burritos are a complete meal you can hold in your hand. The filling consists of scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, chicken sausage, and potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla. Great for on-the-go or enjoying slowly at the breakfast table, they include all the delicious flavors of a classic breakfast burrito wrapped together in a perfect package. Just microwave!


2. Egg Wraps

Source: Erin Nicole

Gluten-free, non-dairy, and ready to eat right out of the package, these versatile egg wraps can be used to create delicious breakfast wraps, sandwiches, omelets, and more. Just add your favorite veggies, cheeses, or proteins for a customized, healthy start to the day.


3. Fully Cooked Uncured Bacon

Source: Erin Nicole

Short on time? Who isn’t in the morning? That’s why this fully-cooked, uncured bacon is one of my favorite Trader Joe’s breakfast staples. The package includes 15 slices of apple-smoked bacon with no added preservatives (which means you have to keep it in the fridge at all times). All you need to do is heat and eat!


4. Egg Omelets with Cheddar Cheese

Source: Erin Nicole

No pots and pans, no problem! You can still have a cheesy egg omelet for breakfast thanks to these pre-made, fully-cooked refrigerated omelets. Just toss them in the microwave and you’re good to go!


5. Almond Croissants

Source: Erin Nicole

Trust me when I say you’d never know these were frozen croissants. They bake up as fluffy, buttery, and flaky as if you grabbed them from your favorite bakery. Just remember to let these rise overnight before you make them—don’t make the same (devastating) rookie mistake I did!


6. Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal

Source: Erin Nicole

Cooking your own oats on the stove is way too time-consuming for weekday mornings, which is why these frozen servings of steel-cut oatmeal are so clutch. Flavored with brown sugar and maple syrup, this oatmeal tastes like something you’d get at Starbucks but for way cheaper and without having to fight the morning rush. All you need to do is microwave the package for three to four minutes and enjoy. No mess, no goop to clean, just a tasty breakfast.


7. Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

Source: Erin Nicole

Whether you’re intentionally eating low-carb or just want to start your day with extra protein, these fully cooked, breadless breakfast sandwiches are a win. Each sandwich consists of turkey sausage and American cheese nestled between two egg patties. At 16 grams of protein per serving, these will leave you feeling full and satisfied all morning long. 


8. Blueberry Waffles

Source: Erin Nicole

These frozen blueberry waffles are a breakfast staple that couldn’t be easier to throw together. Just pop them in the toaster, top with butter and syrup, and voilà! A hot, hearty breakfast for everyone.


9. Organic Açai Bowl

Source: Erin Nicole

Açai bowls can be expensive to buy and a pain in the butt to make. But thanks to Trader Joe’s, all you have to do is microwave the frozen fruit and açai base for a bit before mixing in the granola and dried coconut chips. For a moment, this organic açai bowl might just make you feel like you’re spending a beautiful, breezy morning surrounded by palm trees and sunshine.


10. French Vanilla Coffee

Source: Erin Nicole

Coffee each morning is a must for me, and while flavored coffees can sometimes be hit or miss, this classic French Vanilla flavor has never let me down. It’s a premium dark roast made with 100% Arabica beans that smells incredible while being brewed and tastes even better.


11. Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

Source: Erin Nicole

For a fun and colorful breakfast, this ubi mochi pancake and waffle mix is easy to use and gluten-free. Just mix with water, eggs, and butter and you’ll have a lightly sweet, chewy pancake or waffle that’s prime for your favorite toppings.


12. Super Nutty Oat Clusters Cereal

Source: Erin Nicole

Sometimes, a bowl of sweet cereal in the morning is just what you need to start your day. This indulgent breakfast cereal combines oat clusters, flakes, pecans, almonds, and Brazil nuts for a crunchy and sweet combination that also just happens to pack in a ton of protein, too.


13. Joe-Joe’s Granola

Source: Erin Nicole

For anyone who loves Trader Joe’s famous Joe-Joe’s cookies (and who doesn’t?), you can now enjoy those yummy treats in breakfast form with this sweet, crunchy granola. Whether you sprinkle it on your morning yogurt or snack on it alone, it’s a great mix of a breakfast staple and a delicious cookie. Plus, it doubles as a fun dessert topping!


14. Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Source: Erin Nicole

Sometimes, the best breakfasts come down to convenience, and having these pre-cooked and peeled hard-boiled eggs on hand can make all the difference in choosing a healthy start to your day or a not-so-healthy one. I like grabbing two of these and rolling them around in Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning. It has all the flavors of a breakfast sandwich without all the bulk and prep work.


15. Pain Au Lait with Chocolate Chips

Source: Erin Nicole

For a sweet, indulgent breakfast that will transport you to a Parisian cafe but only takes minutes, try Trader Joe’s Pain Au Lait. These chocolate chip milk rolls are fluffy and delicious on their own but taste especially delicious when toasted with butter. For the ultimate morning moment, brew your favorite cup of coffee and give them a dunk. It’s incredible.


16. Wild Berry Smoothie

Source: Erin Nicole

Great for kids and adults alike, these miniature-sized organic yogurt smoothies are an easy grab-and-go breakfast. Each bottle contains six live and active cultures for a boost of probiotics, and the package contains four so you can share with your littles or keep them for yourself. Just be sure to shake well before opening so it’s extra yummy. (These are also awesome options to toss in for school lunches.)


17. Banana & Almond Butter Smoothie

Source: Erin Nicole

Another great on-the-go option, this full-size smoothie packs 14 grams of protein per serving. It’s also dairy-free and hydrating, thanks to the addition of coconut water. It’s a sweet and creamy option for a sippable breakfast that will keep you full and energized to begin your day.


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