To All the People Saying They’re Glad the USWNT Lost, Please Touch Grass

Today in people who are in need of a grip: Everyone trolling the US Women’s National Team after their heartbreaking upset loss in the World Cup. I never thought I’d see the day when so many self-described “patriots” would take so much glee in seeing an American team defeated, but here we are. 

Primary instigators of the online trolling against the USWNT in general, and Megan Rapinoe in particular, include a certain thrice-indicted former president who posted, “WOKE EQUALS FAILURE,” in his long screed decrying the team. Another high-profile hater is Piers Morgan, who devoted an entire column to calling Rapinoe and the team “unpatriotic losers.” (Reminder: Morgan is British.) And ahead of the match, Megyn Kelly claimed she was “not rooting” for the team because of Rapinoe’s past support of transgender people, Black Lives Matter, and other human rights issues. “She’s poisoned the entire team against the country for which they play,” Kelly said on her podcast. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not rooting for them. I’m not with them. I hope they lose…. It’s shameful.”


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