‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ Won’t Solve Your Problems. TikTok Thinks Otherwise

Resolutions are out, and self-delusion is in. At least, it is according to TikTok, where Lucky Girl Syndrome—a viral manifestation hack—is purportedly helping women evade parking tickets, score Taylor Swift tickets, land brand deals, earn promotions at work, and more. 

Popularized by creator Laura Galebe, the practice of Lucky Girl Syndrome is basically a combination of psychology’s laws of attraction and assumption rebranded for the TikTok set. Per the law of attraction, positive thinking energetically attracts positive outcomes. And the law of assumption goes a step further, positing that what you assume to be true will become reality. It is not enough to believe that your hopes and dreams are possible. To become a lucky girl, you need to believe that good things are inevitable, abundant, and already coming to fruition for you—just like magic. 


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