Quiet Luxury Is Coming for Your Home—Here’s Why This Trend Will Never Go Out of Style

“Quiet luxury” is the latest style trend to set the world abuzz, and like most fashion fads born from social media, the concept is working its way into interior design, too. What sets this trend apart from the rest is its more methodical, strategic approach to curating pieces that will last for years rather than a season. In fact, one could argue that quiet luxury is the very antithesis of a trend.

After all, the whole idea is about intention and discipline. Instead of impulse-buying any item that fits the latest trend, the goal is to make fewer purchases and prioritize true investment pieces that you’ll love for years. If you’re ready to take a more intentional approach to decorating, read on to see how to embrace the quiet luxury trend in your home.


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What is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet luxury is definitely luxurious, but the classic style is warm and inviting rather than overly sophisticated and ostentatious. The understated aesthetic incorporates earthy elements, muted color palettes, natural textures, high-quality sustainable materials, and an overall sense of relaxed elegance. 

A home rooted in quiet luxury provides an escape from the frenetic energy of the world—an oasis to retreat to when you need a break from hustle mode where you can instead focus on relaxation and restoration. The trend also puts well-being at the forefront, aiming to create an environment that naturally facilitates de-stressing and unwinding. It provides a comforting sanctuary that feels inviting and lived-in, and it incorporates high-quality materials and upscale furnishings without feeling overly opulent.


How to Achieve the Quiet Luxury Look


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Aim for balance

Quiet luxury is a strategic game of balance. Every object and element should be engaging without overpowering other items in the room—it’s all about cohesiveness and subtlety with this aesthetic. You want to strike a balance between minimalism and maximalism, layering enough pieces to ensure your home doesn’t feel empty while editing enough to keep your space from getting too loud.


Decorate with one-of-a-kind items

It’s equally important that the items you curate are bespoke. Part of what makes quiet luxury so understatedly lavish is the rarity of the pieces in your space. Rather than shopping at big-box stores and outfitting your home in the same decor that everyone is loving at the moment, scour thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets for one-of-a-kind items. In addition to finding unique pieces that tell a story, you’ll also be saving money—and the environment—by purchasing secondhand.


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Keep your color palette quiet

Instead of bold colors, opt for a foundation of warm neutrals and soft shades of white. Pops of rich earthy tones like sage, olive, and rust can provide welcome hits of color. While black and deep shades like navy are also utilized in quiet luxury-inspired spaces, most bold colors are generally avoided in favor of a more understated, mostly neutral palette.


Mix and match different styles

Achieve the effortlessly elegant look by mixing and matching quality pieces from various eras. The freedom to implement a curated combination of different styles, materials, and silhouettes is what sets quiet luxury apart from other decor styles. Avoid furniture sets or any decor that feels too matchy-matchy. Instead, opt for an assortment of intentionally curated, unique pieces that create a dynamic yet harmonious space.


Incorporate nods to nature

Another key characteristic of quiet luxury is the use of natural elements to add organic warmth. Some gorgeous options include hanging plants and potted trees, live-edge bookshelves, and rattan light fixtures. These earthy objects will offset the richer materials and elegant structures of other furnishings in your space, creating an interesting dichotomy that feels luxurious but approachable.


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