Don’t Worry Everyone, Justin Bieber Is Fine

A video of Hailey Bieber comforting husband Justin at Coachella has gone viral and, as it goes these days, it has the internet spiraling out of control with rumors.

The stylish duo were spotted during the show of The Kid Laroi on day two of this year’s festival, as Hailey rubbed the back of Justin who was facing the floor flopped over a metal railing.

Now, if this was one of you or even a friend, you’d presume they’d either had too much to drink or were generally feeling a little ropey. But, if you’re Justin Bieber, Twitter presumes you’re having a full-on breakdown.

Yet, such is the world of social media, moments later another clip of Justin at exactly the same gig emerged where he was seen dancing and fist-pumping fans. But the nay-sayers often don’t want you to see that, do they?

Hailey — who once again proved that less is more when it comes to styling Coachella ‘fits — has since been fairly active on her social media accounts, at least showing that the whole weekend wasn’t spent comforting her husband, who too seemed pretty chipper as time went on.

The singer took to IG to share his appreciation of Frank Ocean’s highly-anticipated return to the stage following day three, describing “his style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail” as “simply unmatched.”

To further put to sleep claims that Justin is deeply depressed, clips have also emerged of him dancing the night away later that night at an early hours Coachella gig.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this whole thing really is that a Hailey Bieber back rub solves all. Or maybe he was just taking a breather. Who cares?

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